Holter at Home

Our model is to provide best services to the client at their ease and comfort; hence client has to just book the appointment and our team will reach to the client place at decided time for device placement and removal followed by reports of test.

There is a huge burden on healthcare providers to fulfill the needs of the patients wherein healthcare providers look forward to best-in-class diagnostics service providers on which they can trust. Even In major metropolitan cities in India, there is a lack of user-friendly and dependable cardiac diagnostic services.

Holter Monitoring

Our Holter Monitors is loaded with the advanced technologies, which is capable to capture each & every heartbeats. A Holter monitoring test is continuous recording of your ECG for a period of 24 hrs or more as per the recommendation of your treating consultant.

A Holter test is advised by your treating consultant to rule out if there is any abnormalities of the heartbeats. After this test, your treating consultant will be able to understand the condition of your heart.

We are offering lowest price in Delhi & NCR for a Holter Monitoring test across Delhi & NCR. Our rates are very low because we believe that each class of the person can go for a Holter test & they can rule out if they have any cardiac related issues.

Holter Test Image
ABPM Test Image


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring or ABPM test is 24 Hours ambulatory monitoring of your blood pressure. Holter at Home is using best ABPM Machines to perform this test in Delhi & NCR.We understand the importance of a correct ABPM test that why we focus on accurate & reliable reporting.

If you are looking for the best ABPM test in Delhi NCR, you can reach us & we will serve you at your doorstep.


An ELR (Event Loop Recorder) test is continuous recording of your heartbeats (ECG) for a longer period to evaluate the abnormalities of the heartbeats. After going for a Holter test may be your cardiologist or treating consultant, realize that you need to keep on long time monitoring to capture more data of your heartbeats.

We are using best ELR Machine who is able to transmit your live data to your treating consultant & he can be ready of any adverse effects.

So if you are planning to go for this test call our 24*7 numbers 9205728153 you will get world class cardio diagnostics services at your door step it’s our promise.

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We are offering advanced continuous blood glucose monitoring test for the diabetic patient. This service can be avail by sitting at the home.

Sleep Study

We are offering best in class sleep study test at your doorstep at any part of Delhi NCR.Our services is best due to our best, accurate & reliable test results. For us quality of our top most priority.

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We are offering echo services with the tie-up from best Cardiologist of the city. As we have discussed earlier professionalism, quality & accuracy is our top most priority. For Echo you need to come to our nearby-authorized centers.