Heart problems in men

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  • Dec 06, 2022

Heart problems in men

It is a proven fact that heart problems are more prevalent in men than in women. It could be because of the challenging jobs that they possess or even because they handle stress a lot differently than women. Men are more prone to heart attacks than women.

Clinically, it is found that men develop more plaque in the largest arteries that are responsible to supply blood to the heart. Whereas women develop this plaque in smaller arteries. This could be the main reason why heart attacks are pre-dominant in men.

Timely checkups are important for both sexes, but considering the higher risk factors, men above the age of 40 should seek medical diagnoses and advice regularly.

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Irrespective of gender, heart diseases are on the rise nowadays. It could be because of the highly stressed environment, poor lifestyle choices, or even the inability to cope well with stress among our generation.

Only timely diagnosis is the answer to dealing with heart problems efficiently.

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