What To Do If Someone You Know Suffers From Depression

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  • Dec 06, 2022

What to do if someone you know suffers from depression

Depression is becoming prevalent today. When it comes to heart health, depression is the leading cause of heart attacks. Depression must be treated like any other clinical disease. Long-term depression can cause some serious heart ailments. To get the best Holter test in Ghaziabad and Noida,contact Holter at home.

If you know that someone you know is suffering from depression, there are some steps that you can take, make efforts to make them happy and heard. Here are some of the actions you can take to help a depressed loved one.

  • 1. Start a conversation

    Sometimes all a depressed person may need is to be heard and to know that someone is there for them. Let them know that you are available with a listening ear for them anytime they may need to vent out and be the friend that they can rely on.

  • 2. Help them find professional support

    You may be the friend whose shoulder they can cry on, but professional support for mental health is very important. A professional therapist is best suited to evaluate and suggest interventions for the problem.

  • 3. Help them stick to therapy

    It may be too bothersome for a person with mental illness to continue therapy, they may be reluctant and may refuse to go on. You must help them stick to their therapy and attend all their scheduled appointments.

  • 4. Learn about the damages it can do to health

    Depression increases the stress in the body and therefore it can lead to more serious medical conditions if left untreated. Depression causes an increase in blood pressure, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and in serious cases heart attacks and heart failure. Holter at home is the best cardiac diagnostic service. Our Holter monitors are precise and accurate.

  • 5. Be patient

    At times dealing with a person who is going through mental trouble may become overwhelming. They may refuse to co-operate and you may feel that all your efforts are vain but are patient and things will change for the better soon.

Side note: About one in five people who had a heart attack have been found to be dealing with depression. In this scenario getting regular heart checks becomes mandatory. Holter at home makes things easy by bringing the best Holter test to your home anywhere in Ghaziabad and Noida.