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ELR Test

Event Loop Recorder Test

ELR or an Event Loop Recorder test monitors your heart beat continuously to get your heart’s electrical activity (ECG) recorded.

Our ELR devices are highly equipped with the most modern technology and are portable so that when you use these and go about with your daily tasks, there is very little to no inconvenience caused to you.

We prioritize our patients first and our top most priority is that our patients do not have to face the slightest of discomfort when they are testing with us. We bring the device to your home and you can use it and have a normal routine as you would on a daily basis.

Our device will record your heart activity and check for arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) and store it in memory and will be available for checking when required. These devices will also record fast, slow and irregular heartbeats.

Once the period of 24 hours is over, we will collect the device from your home and make available your reports in a short period of time.

Book your tests with us and see the difference for yourself. We at Holter at home want all the cardiac patients in Delhi to experience the best-in-class diagnosis and benefit our services from the comfort of their homes.